So, we set out to revolutionize the tequila scene in the Netherlands. Why? Because our early experiences with low-quality tequila (imagine those red hats) showed us that we could create something far superior.

We aimed to inspire the next generation to embrace and love tequila just as we had. This led to the creation of Tecán (more on the name later). To dispel the negative perceptions associated with tequila, we introduced a premium category that was virtually non-existent at the time.

Fast-forward to our launch in September 2021: we started in 20 bars and have since expanded to over 350 bars across the Netherlands, with our mission also reaching international markets. Acceptance of tequila is growing, though there’s still a way to go.

But, as they say, good things take time.


Tecán (teh-kahn) is a fusion of two words - tequila and bacán. Bacán is a term used in certain Latin American countries to describe a pleasant and alluring person; characterized by their flair and confidence. They are the embodiment of having fun and enjoying life.

Everybody knows a bacán-type person, and might be one themselves. They fill any room with their contagious energy, and love to get the party started. It’s a feeling everybody can relate to, and one everybody deserves to feel.

Each time a bottle of Tecán is opened, the bacán genie is let out and fills the room with that energy.


Wherever we go, things light up. As soon as we walk in, you can feel the energy shift. Notice how people watch us when we arrive? They're drawn to us, wanting to be just like us.

It's because of how we look and move, and the way we live with excitement. We bring joy everywhere, starting parties, making people laugh, and lifting spirits. With Tecán, everything comes alive: excitement, passion, life.

Tecán — you only see it when you get it.

the bacán WAY

the bacán WAY